The Size of Nobodies (2019)

Siege Sutton and her best friend and foster brother, Avi Cohen, have been each other’s support system since their days in junior high. The now thirty-something-year-olds have seen each other through starting bands, stalker exes, and abusive foster parents. Siege’s new employment throws them into the middle of something different and sinister, however— the purchase of Mae, an adorable, mute 8-year-old girl who’s said to be part of a secret panel with the power to wipe out humanity. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, Avi’s foster brother, Mason Stewart, returns to his life after more than twenty years of being out of it, a shell of the person he used to be. Siege and Avi will have to figure out ways to lie, manipulate, and fight to save the people around them from the clutches of evil, but at the end of it all, can they save themselves from the repercussions of doing so?

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