Episode Three – Pulp Fiction & The Usual Suspects

You can’t properly talk about Greene’s career without talking about the cigarette flick heard around the world in THE USUAL SUSPECTS. It’s been said that he did something kinda crazy in PULP FICTION too.

Peter Van Pelt and I say the name “Ving Rhames” a lot and discuss the two film roles most associated with his career. As it turns out, there’s a chance that one of them doesn’t actually exist at all!

P.S. Sorry for the plosives! 

Check out Peter VanPelt’s podcast, Those Muckrakers https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/thosemuckrakers

Those Muckrakers on Twitter: @thosemuckrakers

Peter’s Interview on “The Sissy Gamache Show”: https://youtu.be/orkCiVyFLa8 

Peter’s Interview with Mandy Del Rio on “The Indie Lounge”: https://youtu.be/XS6ZM4wme5Y 

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