Sleep Tight…!

A few weeks ago, almost by mistake, I started a life changing and time devouring expedition through the days and days worth of content from Internet personalities Rhett and Link. From what I’ve gathered, they are two southern fried life-long best friends from North Carolina with five kids and two wives between them that really, really love food. I had come into these guys some time ago, but only as The Commercial Kings, which I thought was absolutely hilarious, but I never thought to look them up to see if they contributed to the Internet in other ways. Well, they do. They do it all. Through this journey, I’ve come across an eclectic mix of commercials, morning shows, sketches, films,  and podcasts, but this music video (another art form they dabble in pretty frequently) has stuck out the most for me. The melody is so deliciously malicious and catchy that it’s hard to not enjoy. The lyrics are clever, and the deliberateness of the choreography makes the whole thing pretty delightful. The video’s about two years old and was done for a “spot the differences” contest they ran (which lends to the split screen and why the choreography is so exact), but I wanted to post it anyway in hopes that the song will become an earworm for someone else. The song is also available on iTunes. Don’t ask me if I’ve already purchased it yet.

I would suggest to whomever reading this that you check out all their many different hats, but with over 2.5 million Youtube subscribers on their main channel, I have to assume I’m the only person on the planet just getting around to watching and listening to this stuff. Sounds just like something I would do.