The Back Room (Interview Archives)


From 2008 until 2013-ish (although the interviews ended in 2011), I ran an interview site I founded called The Back Room. Sometimes I reviewed TV shows, movies, and books, but mostly, I interviewed people from many different branches of the entertainment business and posted the audio. In plainest terms, it was a podcast though for whatever reason, I was very against calling it that. I had no idea what I was doing when I started it. I had a dream to sit down with the people I admired to pick their brains. I was lucky enough to have people around me who also wanted me to do that, and were in a position to help me achieve that. I nervously giggled, stuttered, and had tiny heart attacks during plenty of these. It was an enriching and important experience, but I gave it up to focus full time on screenwriting.

Here, you’ll find an archive of those interviews and some bonus material that I had to cut from the main interviews for time but was too good to leave on the cutting room floor. Feel free to download them for your iPod, and laugh at me fangirling on your way to work!

P.S. All those Metal Gear Solid-related interviews and podcasts are not by mistake.

KILLOLA // March 2008  (Download)

VOX PALMA // April 2008 (Download)

CHRISTOPHER RANDOLPH // May 2008 (Download)

BOXVIOLET // May 2008 (Download)

VANESSA MARSHALL // June 2008 (Download)

LIZ ENTHUSIASM // June 2008 **This interview was so unenjoyable that I need to think further about posting it**

DAVID HAYTER // August 2008 (Download)

KRISTOPHER TURNER // September 2008 (Download)

QUINTON FLYNN // October 2008 (Download: Part 1 / Part 2)

MGS END OF YEAR PODCAST // November 2008 (Download)

ULTRANEKO // January 2009 (Download)

ALEXZ JOHNSON // January 2009 (Download)

JEFF NIMOY // February 2009 (Download)

ROGER CRAIG SMITH (by Tim Weaver) // February 2009 (Download)

DAVID HAYTER  // March 2009 (Download)

CAM CLARKE (by Tim Weaver) // March 2009 (Download)

KRIS ZIMMERMAN-SALTER // April 2009 (Download)

PATRIC ZIMMERMAN // April 2009 (Download)

RAYMOND BENSON // July 2009 (Download)

[Coming-of-age hiatus]


[Another long, coming-of-age hiatus]

NOLAN NORTH (with Tim Weaver) // April 2011 (Download)


Quinton Flynn

Nolan North