Touchable Vault Series

I love my film and music collections. They’re both cumbersome and require the most boxes when I have to move, yes, but they’re filled with very personal choices, they’re wonderfully diverse, and (nearly) perfect representations of me. They’re not particularly big because I’m picky, but I’ve noticed that I have more purchased media than most of my friends. And that’s not to say that I consume it more than them…I just make more of an effort to own the movies and music I enjoy. Netflix and Pandora…those are wonderful, wonderful things and you better believe I have subscriptions to those and others like them. But, the moment you don’t pay that monthly fee or your Internet periodically decides to take a three day vacation away from your computer, you don’t have access to that stuff anymore, and that system of media consumption doesn’t quite work for me. I’m aware that places like Amazon and even The Playstation Store offers ways of owning movies and music digitally, but I haven’t fully caught up to such a new age idea yet. I’m no stranger to iTunes, of course, but given the option between downloading a season of Mad Men and paying the little extra to own it on a tangible format, I always choose the latter. Streaming music services have been around a little longer so they’ve had more time to figure stuff out, and probably different distribution rules to go by, but I like a lot of independent artists and those guys in particular tend to get screwed directly with these services so I still make it a point to purchase albums for unconditional ownership, though recently, a lot of my purchases have hinged on a successful test listen on Spotify first.

The point is, I own a lot of media and instead of just continuing to watch it pile up around me, I want to talk about it.

My film collection. Some movies not pictures because I’ve just…run out of room.

Through a series of posts I’m calling the Touchable Vault Series, I’ll be doing short write ups about the movies and music I personally own and what it means to me to own it. As the name suggests, when I first came up with this idea, it was going to be limited to the stuff I owned a touchable version of. That rule can still apply to my film collection, but with music only being released digitally becoming more of a thing, I own a few gigs of albums and EPs I had no choice but to download. The amended rule of this series is as long as I own it and don’t rely on a monthly subscription to be able to listen to it or watch it, I can write about it.

My first post will be for the movie STAY, a brilliant little 2005 film that still managed to go unnoticed in theaters despite having Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling, and Naomi Watts in major roles. What is wrong with the world? Maybe we’ll figure it out together.