We’re going back to The Back Room!

A few weeks ago, I made the decision to relaunch The Back Room. Most of you are probably like what’s that? Some of you are probably wondering why would I even bother…but there’s a least a few of you with smiles on your faces. I like you guys. You guys are my favorite.

For those of you who don’t know, in a past life, I played around with the idea of making a name for myself in the journalism world. I started a website to interview people I admired in the entertainment industry.  It was a simple vision, but a rather big one. But then I landed an interview with Christopher Randolph, and suddenly the possibility of this actually working became considerable. Somehow I got all kinds of awesome folks to agree to interview with me over the years like Alexz Johnson​, Raymond Benson, and Quinton Flynn​. But at some point, I realized I didn’t want to do it as a living. I wanted to wholeheartedly, more than anything else in the world be a screenwriter. And so I gave up The Back Room while it was doing really, really well (the last interview I did was with Nolan North​) and I committed full time to screenwriting. I have all my old interviews and podcasts archived and available for download. You can listen and download them by clicking here.

5 years later, I feel I’m at a place where I can balance both now. And plus, I miss it. Horribly. I miss the butterflies of checking my email to see if someone’s manager approved my interview request. I miss waiting for the phone call of the person I’m interviewing. I even miss the pre-interview stomach knots and nervousness. It was stressful and a ton of work, but at the end of an interview, after all the effort put in, I was always happy with how things turned out, and more importantly, I always got compliments from interviewees on making them feel comfortable enough to open up and not asking the same, stale questions. I am ready to do that again with a new batch of interviewees (and probably some old ones too).


Welcome back to The Back Room!